Why Do We Blog?

Yes, why DO we blog? Do we crave the attention, the publication, maybe even fame? Or is this just the 21st century version of keeping a personal diary?

Obviously, everyone has to answer this question for themselves, but I’d like to urge you to do so at some point. Why do YOU blog? And because no one should ever ask someone to do what they are not themselves ready to do, here are (some of) the reasons why I blog:

Because I like writing. Writing has become a part of all our lives and doing so willingly is essential for getting by. Whether it is a novel, a thesis, a postcard or an application – writing can be a massive pain. What to write? And how? Although I have always liked writing (probably because I like reading so much), I am well accustomed to the dread that might come with having (or wanting) to write something. Writing a blog, I hope, will serve as some kind of therapy to this ill and make me less hesitant to sit down and start typing.

Because it helps me out. Life is complicated. We notice this largely due to the magic that is the human brain, but this lovely tool also has it’s quirks: It plays tricks on us and we never seem to be in control of it (just think of guilty pleasures and morbidly inappropriate thoughts). My brain appears to be all over the place. I get so overwhelmed by thoughts and impressions that my everyday life just swallows me up completely. And not always in a good way. Blogging gives me the necessary time and space to focus, reflect and see the bigger picture, which has proven to be awfully helpful. Yet, on the other hand it has also inspired me to hold on to the little things. Moments, thoughts and conversations that seemed irrelevant before suddenly become potential topics for a blog post.

Because for some reason I have always failed at writing a diary. Maybe you know this. Ever since I learned how to write I yearned to write a diary (rhyme!!). It seemed so awfully poetic and dramatic and meaningful. It never worked out. I never made it past five pages, which also meant that I was always in possession of notebooks that had the first few pages written on and were therefore rendered useless (at least from the perspective of perfectionist young me). So frustrating. When I started blogging I knew I was at danger of falling back into this pattern. But somehow I didn’t. Not so far. I think the notion that people could read what I write also helps. I’m not crazy about the Stats, but I love the thought that someone somewhere in the world might read this and think “Yes, this is exactly how I feel” or “She has no f****** idea what she’s going on about”, you know – that it might trigger an opinion or an emotion.

What are YOUR reasons?

B x


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Blog?

  1. Pam Newberry says:

    Funny you should ask…my reasons for blogging is just like you, but I’ll add one more. Writing is a lonely process and I wanted to learn how to connect with people. It’s good to find another soul out there who says what I think. I just have to allow myself to say it too. Good post!

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