Work Hard, Play Hard

I am addicted. Others might succumb to heroine or chocolate, but this is my weakness: it’s computer games. Now you might think I’m one of those nerds playing World of Warcraft 24/7, but to be fair, I’m a bit of a coward and quite jumpy, so thins is not for me. And although I might be addicted, I still get bored quite quickly (also I’m a bit of a pacifist, so no shooting, please!).

The story of my addiction goes back quite far. Still, it started unexpectedly: As a kid I loathed board games. I simply hated them. Also, I am very much not a competitive person (unlike my Dad and the majority of my friends). The game that triggered me was The Sims. The very first version. Oh, I loved it. Then came Sims 2 which was just not the same and by the time they published Sims 3, I wasn’t paying attention anymore. Like so often, sequels are a risk.

Then my story went on and while I was in middle school bad quality online-games took hold of me. Here, I was not in to win it, I was in to finish it. Just a few weeks ago some friends and I got caught up in a (seemingly) endless game of Penguin Diner. As we sobered up, serving meals to penguins became less and less enticing. But what can you do? You gotta finish that bloody game.

So why am I telling you all of this now? Because I have found a new game that caught my attention (and continues to do so). Strictly, it is not even a game, but everyone who has tried it will know that, really, it is: DUOLINGO. I love that site. And the added benefit: you learn things. No more feeling guilty after hours of playing. And still you get all the lovely play features: the wonderful sound effects, the level ups and the colourful graphics! Then, with the “streak” feature, you’re also compelled to do it EVERY DAY. Seriously, for a modern languages student like me this is the dream!

I’ll have to go no, gotta strengthen those skills!

B x

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