If Only I Had Mons

For a while now I’ve been keeping a list on my phone titled “If only I had mons”. It started out as a collection of items I could possibly purchase if I had money left at the end of the month, but soon evolved to including things I’d buy “If I won the lottery” (for which I’d have to play the lottery in the first place) and “If I didn’t think these are totally overpriced/useless/unnecessary”. Ladies and gents, here it is so far:

Cross trainer
Trail running shoes
Really good olive oil
An infinite supply of razor blades
Water filter
Really expensive cosmetics: clinique, benefit, bumble&bumble and the like
A wine glass
Laser eye surgery
First aid kit
A car
Philips alarm clock
Membership for workaway
Magazine subscriptions
Hiking socks (they are literally SO comfy)
Wine decanter
Yoga clothes
A tortoise
An apartment in an expensive city (London or Copenhagen or something)
An armchair

What items make your “if only” shopping list?

B x


What do you think?

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