Europe, Grexit And A Lot Of Frustration

Politics in general frustrate me frequently. Especially when it comes to questions that touch on ethics my head soon starts spinning with all the different aspects and factors and the contradictory and compromising nature of actual policies. This means that I rarely ever have a clear, decided opinion on these matters.

Still, I worry a lot. At the moment, for example, I worry for Europe. I can’t speak for my nation or my generation or anyone else than myself, really, but having all this separatist nationalism in a globalised world like today’s seems childish. And I, for once, feel as a European before I feel German or British or anything at all.

And of course, on a lot of European issues I don’t have a clear stand. I don’t really care for the Euro that much. It’s quite convenient, but that’s about it for me. And I hate to see all the UKIP propaganda, but at the same time I do see their point to some extent: After all, Denmark got special treatment, why not them?

What I am most afraid of is that we lose our sense of Europe over all these details. Europe is so much more than the European Union. We’re a community. It’s one of the great things about being European and living here that we have our diversity, but the most important thing is that we share our diversity with each other.

And sometimes, governments are simply not fair to their people. Set aside dictatorships, genocides and all the more grave crimes, even democracy can be cruel. Tomorrow, millions of Greek people will cast their vote: they have the simple choice between ne (yes) and oxi (no). They know it has something to do with the European Union and their financial situation. But that’s about it. How mean is that? People are given so much responsibility, which in theory, might be a very democratic thing. But how can you take on this responsibility as a citizen and make an educated decision if you have no idea about what?!

It’s a complete guessing game. Are they deciding whether to comply with their creditor’s demands? Are they deciding whether or not to keep the Euro or not? Or is it even a decision about whether or not to stay in the EU? They have no way of knowing and the politicians, who all support either the yes or no-campaign, interpret this referendum the way it suits them. They give different accounts of what the consequences for the possible outcomes are. The only way for Greek people to find out what ne and oxi really mean in this context is to tick any one of them at random and see what happens.

It is just plain mean. And irresponsible. The politicians, whose job it is to make decisions like that (that’s why we elected them, and really, that’s how democracy works), and who have all the background information that is needed to make sound decisions, are cowards. And the best things is, whatever becomes of this referendum and whatever consequences this might have, the politicians have all saved their asses, because, after all, the people decided and brought it unto themselves, right?!

(soz for all the anger, it just piles up… DAMN POLITICIANS!!)

B x

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