So, this is me. I currently live in the north of Germany, studying at university for a semester (or two). What more? I am single, terrified of relationships (my description on Tinder would read something like “Looking for male friend to have monogamous sex with”, but Tinder and the like scare the shit out of me), I drink a lot and like postcolonial literature, any kind of TV Drama (especially crime, though I can’t bear the tension) and good music.

This blog is simply a cross-section of my life, which is probably just like yours, so I think we should give the little things in life, both the positive and the really annoying things, their time to shine. After all, they amuse/annoy so many (if not all) of us and yet receive so little attention…

B x

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Isma Mazoni says:

    I really like your statement about giving the little things in life their time to shine, whether we like them or not. I took a course on the ‘science of happiness’ and that aspect of accepting and tolerating the good and the bad are part of the recipe for a ‘happier’ life. What are you studying? I studied in Germany too, along the Rhein river in Koblenz 🙂


    • ohdearbez says:

      Lovely to hear from you. I study modern languages in Kiel! Isn’t it great that we now have a way more proactive stance towards being happy?! I find it impressive to see how great an impact the little things have. 🙂

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  2. JMD398 says:

    Great Post, you dropped a few jewels that we should all live by and try for the most part to let those around me know what I enjoy about their work, Rarely do I find blogs that I don’t like I find other peoples perspective so interesting that sometimes I feel ashamed of my own. So annoying.:)

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