How Brexit ultimately points out the fatal flaws of first-past-the-post

Britain, and maybe all of Europe, is in shock. The people have decided. Democracy at work. Disappointment on the part of the Remain voters is understandable. They turn to demographics to vent and to petitions to soften the blow. But Leave voters? Really??!

The bubble burst early when the pound plummeted and people watched their pension funds crumble. This, at least, proved those wrong who thought nothing was going to change anyways. Way more shocking and puzzling, for many of those who are not Britons themselves, is the fact that there is a potent call for a second referendum and frequent reports of Leave voters voicing their regret and ignorance.

To some extent, this can be credited to the media and its dedication to tell customers what they want to hear. Of course the metropolitan readers jump onto the idea of the ‘ignorant, old and rural’ masses coming to their senses, cling onto the hope that maybe this is just a temporary nightmare. A second referendum, of course, is absurd. That is precisely NOT how democracy works. You cannot simply hold referendum after referendum until everyone agrees and lives happily ever after. Changing rules about voter participation and then applying them on a past decision is also out of the question.

“I thought we were going to stay anyway, otherwise I would have never voted leave”, this seems to be the common argument of those going back on their already cast and counted vote. Ignorance is the motive for such a choice that comes to mind first and seems plausible. The fact that many of those picked by journalists to say such things on the record seem to think that the UK has already left the EU supports this. It is more though. Especially English voters (as opposed to, e.g. Scottish ones) are simply not used to their vote making too much of a difference in who ‘wins’, courtesy of their lovely voting system: First-past-the-post, where only the candidate with the absolute majority troops off to Westminster.

When you think about it the way people vote (or rather, the way their vote counts and takes effect) might have had more long term effects as well that play a role in this decision. All those ‘old, rural, English racists’ have been voting and supporting UKIP for years. 12.5% of the entire electorate voted UKIP during the general election in 2015. That is 1 in every 8 voters. And how many UKIP MPs are there? One. One out of 345. Does’t add up, does it? No wonder people are a little bit disillusioned by the establishment of mainstream politics. I doubt these people cared particularly whether the EU has a democratic deficit, seeing as their own democracy does not seem to help them make their voices heard.

Well, those votes, may they be ones of anger, confusion or ignorance, have been cast. Democracy in the end is the right of the people to make stupid decisions (and funnily enough, most people seem to agree now that it is indeed one).

While proportional representation certainly has its flaws, maybe it would have saved us from a Brexit in the long term… But oh well! Britain, we still love you. All the best and good luck (you’ll need it, by the looks of it)!

B x

The Miracle That Is Miranda Hart

Today we are completely and utterly off topic. And that has a reason. Yes, of course it is the last day of the year 2014 and we can all reflect and make resolutions and kiss the ones we love at midnight. But that is besides the point. There is a last day of the year every year, there has always been and will always be. Nothing to get too emotional about (although, of course, it is a lovely occasion to get teary and melancholy, but all within reason).

What I am talking about today is much bigger. It is the end of an era. And what an era! It was so filled with joy and fun and embarrassments. Today, my chums (you’ll get this soon, I hope), is the day that the final ever episode of Miranda will air. Now of course, you might not know what ‘Miranda’ is exactly, but you have gathered that it must be some kind of show on TV or the radio. Most likely, you will think “oh no, another one of these crazy TV fanatics, go get a life”, and usually I would wholeheartedly agree with you. Not today though.

Those of you who know the sitcom will know what I mean. It is hardly just a show. It is a lifestyle, and what a lifestyle. Tho those of you who have not seen or heard of such a thing ever: Do not (I repeat – DO NOT) go on YouTube and look for a trailer or a funniest bits kind of thing. Please, gain full access to the first season (maybe stream it online illegally, download it from some kind of cloud, buy/loan/steal the DVD, rent it – how would I know how you roll with these kind of things?) and start watching the first episode.

Now you will likely also end up watching the next episode and the next, but no worries, the worst-case scenario is you watching 14 episodes with a length of 30 minutes, which is a mere 7 hours of your life.

I have found someone who shares my enthusiasm for this British splurge on the distant shores: A lady called Carmen Croghan. She describes very well the appeal of the show, but watch out newbies, there are some huge spoilers. Also interesting: You can watch Miranda on hulu and Acorn TV (whatever that may be – rhyme!!).

So the question still open is ‘Who the f*** is Miranda?’. Well, ‘Miranda’ is the central character, a quirky unique and extremely lovable woman in her thirties dealing with the struggles of everyday life and social awkwardness. ‘Miranda’ is also the first name of Miranda Hart, a hilarious 6ft 1in British comedienne and actress, who, incidentally, portrays Miranda in the show and is also the writer and creator.

So although we will be able to enjoy Miranda Hart and her genius mind frequently in the future (she’s doing stand-up, will be hosting a new edition of the Generation Game plus she landed a role in a Hollywood production starring Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy), this sitcom, which is the perfection of her stage persona and so so funny, entertaining, relateable and so so good, will come to an end after today’s episode (there were three seasons – 6 ingenious episodes each, plus one episode on Christmas day, which left us with an incredible cliffhanger). Such sad times. And such NOT fun. But everything must come to an end (although I prefer Brian May’s stance ‘show must go on’…).

I sincerely hope you will share my love for this microcosm of odd habits and I with you all the best for the next year!

B x

Trashy TV and Very Little Time

My plan to write posts in advance has failed miserably. At first, I wrote the posts for the following day, which was not too bad, but now I have about 15 minutes in order not to fail my resolution to “blog daily”, plus my battery is running low. Life is tough (or ‘toff’ as they’d say in Chelsea). But I can do this.

Here we go. Today, I’d like to share my favourite reality TV show. We all watch some horrible TV, or read some horrible fiction or listen to horrible music because we enjoy it, and there’s no reason to feel ashamed about it.

I love reality TV because it gives me the illusion that those characters are real, and therefore judging them and their choices is much more fun. It is also amazing how invested you become in those people’s fortunes. And as it is ‘real’ it feels less pathetic to root for a particular relationship or person. Of course we feel the same way about fiction (please, don’t tell me you didn’t cross your fingers that Lizzie Bennett and Mr Darcy would get together already). But it all feels a lot less definite on reality TV. Such fun.

So, my all-time favourite reality TV show is “Made in Chelsea”. If you haven’t already, please, please watch it.


It is basically about these rich kids in their early twenties in Chelsea (posh bit of Central London), and all they do is hang out in cafes and bars and there’s intrigues and everyone has slept with everything. It is hilarious and so great.

This ad for season 5 is perfect to describe how it all works (in a lovely ironic manner):

So, that’s that for now. Oh, I almost forgot. The close runner up to MIC (yes, acronym for Made in Chelsea) is Take Me Out. I know this is a format that exists in several countries, so please consider that I’m talking about the UK version that is hosted by that horrible and hilarious Paddy (… don’t know the last name and no time to look it up). It is the exact opposite of MIC in terms of poshness, but equally misogynistic and trashy.

B x